Culture Project

Latin 4/6/8 Spring 2009


For this years culture project, we will be using our Getty Villa field trip as a jumping off point to research ancient Roman daily life. Each student will be responsible for choosing and researching an aspect of Roman culture that he/she is interested in (yes, your aspects may overlap), and utilizing the creativity of art and modern technology, to devise an engaging and artistic way to teach your fellow students and instructor about your new area of expertise. This is an individual and creative project, so the possibilities are endless! For example, you could choose ancient athletics and create a model of an ancient stadium, along with a presentation of how ancient Romans would have used this stadium to showcase their athletes. Be creative and be true to your interests! I look forward to your completed projects!


Worth: 100 points

Field Trip: March 5

Project Due: March 23



Culturally appropriate topic


Creative, concrete masterpiece

  Is based on topic

  Has research roots in Getty visit

  Is original

  Can be displayed without embarrassment to the school population


Accompanying presentation

  Oral presentation

  Clear voice with constant eye contact

  May have additional visual aids

  Content presents rich research of topic

  Content demonstrates presenters deep knowledge of topic

  Presentation demonstrates presenters understanding of importance of topic to daily life in ancient Rome

  Presenter may connect topic to modern life in US



  Follows MLA format


  Has at least 15 sources

  Includes sources from the Getty Villa

  Typed, singled-spaced




  1 page, typed, single-spaced

  Reflect upon worth of all aspects of project and evaluate for next years Latin class

  Due 1 week after project completion