Modern Latin

Culture Project





So, weve visited the Getty Villa and researched ancient Roman cultural topics. Now lets turn our attention to more modern examples of Latin in our world. For this second semester cultural project, you will work in a group of 2-4 students to find 25 examples of Latin usage in film and TV from 1980 to today. Copy these examples into a VHS tape or onto a DVD and either create a commentary video to explain the translations and cultural analyses, or write the analyses out in essay format & hand in or email to Mrs. Fine by the due date. Once you find these 25 examples, you will correctly translate the Latin into English, explain how the passage fits into the scene, and analyze how this use of Latin fosters a better appreciation for Latin throughout the world, whether consciously or subconsciously. You will also have a reflection aspect for reviewing your effort and the value of this project.


Requirements and Rubric:

25 movie and/or TV clips

  Copy each clip onto a DVD for commentary & viewing

  Must be less than 10% of the originals content

  Add bibliographic info into clip (use MLA format)


Accurate, English translation of each clip

  May be verbal or typed


Summary of scene & how Latin fits into it

  May be an audio commentary or typed separately


Analysis of appreciation for Latin

  Should be -1 page long for each clip

  Look at how this use of Latin furthers a common viewers appreciation for our ancient language

  Look at how Latin is still used in modern media

  Is Latin still alive?

  Are there other areas and questions addressed by these clips?



  1 page, typed, single-spaced

  Reflect upon worth of all aspects of project and evaluate for next years Latin class

  Due 1 week after project completion