Latin 6/8 Poetry

Spring Semester 2009


This semester we will explore the lyric writings of Horace, Catullus and Vergil, some of the greats of Roman poetry. Please remember that you class will meet once a week and have study hall the rest of the week, so your work MUST be in on the day that it is due! On days that we do not have school, homework will be due the next day.


2/2 – intro new semester; Horace

2/9 - no school; Horace quiz; Horace notes

2/16 – no school; Fickle Pyrrha, Indoor Pleasures in Winter, Poet’s Recantation, In Praise of Latona and her Children

2/23 – Integer Vitae, On death of Quintilius Varus, Converted from Epicureanism, Persicos Odi, Golden Mean

3/2 – Certainty of Death, In Praise of Manly Life, Regulus, Lover’s Quarrel and Reconciliation

3/5 – field Trip to Getty Villa

3/9 – Fountain of Bandusia, Poets Undying Fame, Return of Spring

3/16 – Poet analysis due, field trip project due

3/23 – Catullus notes, Catullus quiz, word journal due

3/30 – Upon Death of Lesbia’s Sparrow, Let us Live and Love, Return to Sirmio, Hymn to Diana, Farewell to Bithynia

4/6-10 – Spring Break

4/13 – To M. Tullius Cicero, The Marriage Song for Mallius and Junia, I hate and I a love, At his Brother’s Tomb

4/20 – Ariadne’s Lament at Her desertion by Theseus

4/27 – Catullus Analysis; Culture Project

5/4 – Vergil notes; Vergil Quiz

5/11 – individual lines assigned

5/18 - individual lines assigned

5/25 – no school; individual lines assigned

6/1 - individual lines assigned

6/8 – Vergil analysis; Word Journal due; senior finals this week

6/12 – Verb Mastery Test (35MC)

6/15 – review

6/17 – final exam (35-40MC + translations)