Be a part of history in the making – take Latin!


Latin is being offered at BHHS for the first time in approximately 20 years!  We will offer Latin 1-2 this year, and Latin 3-4 next year.  This is a grammar-based class, which will exploit the benefits Latin can bring to you! 


What benefits you may ask?  Well, Latin students score an average of 140-160 points higher on the verbal part of the SAT, according to Richard LaFleur of the American Classical League.  Students of Latin also score better on other standardized tests such as the GRE, which is required for entrance to most graduate colleges.  Why would this be?  Latin students have a better understanding of English grammar and vocabulary, which is based on the grammar, and vocabulary of the Latin language.  Latin students learn the wonders and influences of the Roman culture and history, many of which are evident in today’s American culture.  Latin students also have a better chance of being accepted into a good college because the language satisfies the tow-year foreign language requirement that most colleges have.  Finally, students who declare majors, and even minors in Latin or the Classics, have a better chance of acceptance and financial aid to those colleges as there are relatively few students focusing on the Classics as a course of study.


So be a part of history and start on the road to academic success today – Take Latin!



















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