Latin 1-2

Parade Project


The Romans loved their festivals.  This love of festivals has descended through the centuries to us in the modern forms of celebrations, carnivals, festivals and parades.  One of the biggest festivals in the U.S. is Mardi Gras in New Orleans.  Traditionally, it has used classical themes and references to adorn everything from the throws to the floats to the costumes.  Mardi Gras is also a huge boon to New Orleans’ economy.  This year, Mardi Gras is seen as a form of financial and mental therapy for a city that has burdened so much disaster (Justus,, 1/31/06).  Let’s take part in the festivities and use Mardi Gras as a jumping point to create our own Roman festival here at BHHS! 


Imagine that you are going to present your Roman-themed parade idea to the Beverly Hills City Council (our Latin class).  What will you say?  How will you impassion the council to accept your request for a parade?  What will you show the members of the council to elicit their support and consent?  Think of these questions when coordinating your efforts. 


Students will work in groups of 3-6 students to create the following Roman-themed parade presentation:

Ø      Parade theme written accurately in Latin

Ø      Flyer/poster advertising the parade info and route through Beverly Hills (history, purpose, king & queen, date & time, etc.)

Ø      3-5 models of floats, each representing a facet of the chosen theme

Ø      design of a costume for each group member, again representing the theme (may be actual costume or fitted for dolls or fashion drawings)

Ø      5 different throws, reflecting the theme


As part of this project, students will also raise donations for the students of Belle Chasse High School in hard-hit Plaquemines Parish (south of New Orleans).  Think of what you would most want to have if you had lost everything.  This project is due February 24 and will be presented in front of the class and guests in Room 300.


Project is worth 100 points.