Latin 3-4

Roman Artifact Project


In our Latin translations and culture notes, we keep coming across various items and things that the Romans used to make their lives more enjoyable or better.  Unfortunately, we do not have access to a lot of these artifacts that e can touch, smell, feel and see, except on the Internet or through our textbook.  Therefore, we will each choose an area of Roman culture that we find interesting and recreate an artifact based on that area of interest.  For example, you could paint a fresco, sew a consul’s toga, build a working model chariot or sculpt a sarcophagus.  The choices are limited only by your imagination and effort!

Due: May 17



̃      5-10 minute presentation of artifact

̃      Completed artifact

̃      Typed news article

̃      Typed annotated bibliography


Grading Rubric:


̃      5-10 minute presentation                                                                                    _____/20

o        Complete eye contact

o        Very little reference to notes

o        Good posture

o        Confident, accurate description of artifact

o        Voice able to be heard throughout class

o        No disruptions of other presentations

o        Able to answer questions accurately

̃      News article                                                                                                      _____/40

o        1-2 pages long

o        Typed

o        Arial/Times New Roman font

o        Single spaced

o        News article format (columns)

o        Title & headline similar to news article format

o        May have pictures added (if not original, has URL source listed)

o        Answers questions:

§         What is it

§         What is its purpose

§         How was it used

§         Where was it used

§         When was it used

§         Why did you choose this artifact

§         How did you create this artifact

§         What did you learn about Roman culture

§         What did you learn about yourself

o        Annotated Bibliography

§         Minimum 5 primary and/or secondary sources

§         MLA format

§         1-2 sentence annotations after each entry

̃      Artifact                                                                                                              _____/40

o          Volume is 1-3 feet3

o        Is as accurate as possible

§         Materials used

§         Colors

§         Size

§         Working parts

o        Student clearly demonstrates personal effort

o        Artifact was not completed by anyone other than student


                                                                                                TOTAL:                         _____/100