Latin 6 Prose

2008 Syllabus


        Assignments are listed on the dates they are due and at the beginning of 5th period.

        As always, this schedule is subject to change at any point.

        Students may email work to Mrs. Fine at

        Some assignments may be scheduled for holidays please turn in assignments the following day to Mrs. Fine.

This calendar does not include the upcoming projects and due dates stay tuned!


2/4 intro 2nd semester course; review policies with both Latin 6 and Latin 4

2/11 62A, 62B, 62C (vocab and translation for each of the previous assignments), T62a#1-5, notes pp. 93-95, T62c#1-5, notes pp. 96-97

2/18 notes pp. 99-103, 63A, 63B, 63C, 63D (vocab and translation for each of the previous assignments, notes pp. 112-113, T63a#1-5

2/25 ch62-63 quiz

3/3 64A, 64B, notes pp.118-119, T64a#1-5, notes pp.120-121, T64b, notes p. 122, T64c, T64d, T64e

3/10 ch64 quiz

NB the official 2008 National Latin Exam will be given sometime this week (3/10-13)

3/24 65A, 65B, notes p. 130, T65b, T65c#1-5

3/31 - ch65 quiz

4/7 - notes pp. 134-135, 66A, 66B, notes p. 140, T66b

4/14 - 66C, 66D, T66c, notes pp.146-147, T66d#1-5

4/21 - ch66 quiz

4/28 - notes pp. 148-149, 67A, 67B, notes pp. 158-159, T67a#1-8.

5/5 - ch67 quiz

5/12 - 68A, 68B, 68C, 68D

5/19 - Career Day - class?

5/26 - Memorial Day - no school

6/2 - ch68 quiz

6/9-13 - finals for seniors (Verb Mastery Test and Final Exam TBA)

6/18 - final for non seniors