Teacher Web Site Hosting Services


www.tripod.com This is fairly easy to use due to a helpful FAQ sheet and tutorial, and allows teachers more creativity than other sites. You do have to register, but are allowed 20MB of space free (for comparison, www.myclass.net allowed only 5MB). The only problem with this site is that it becomes clogged in the evenings and is sometimes slow to upload files. This site is also open to all viewers do not post confidential info on this site!


www.teacherweb.com This site also seems quite easy to use and allows for a bit of teacher creativity. It does cost money ($2.50/month) after a free month trial. Again, you do have to register for this service. I do not know anyone who uses www.teacherweb.com, but it looks as easy as www.myclass.net. This is a secure hosting site, so you could post grades or other sensitive material on your site. I also do not see any information on a limit to the space that you can use on this hosting service.


www.myclass.net - This is one of the easiest sites I have found! It is also a secure site, but only allows a certain amount of space for each class (5MB), which means that if you like to upload a lot of files, you will constantly be rotating your files around. This is also a bit costly, as you need to subscribe for $9/month.


Manilla Training for Manilla is offered through the Tech trainers and district workshops. This training allows teachers to use the district server to create, upload and host their web pages. I have not used this service, but teachers whom I polled last year found it to be relatively awkward. This is a free service, and does not have any limitations yet on hosting space.


There are many other services that you can use to host your web site. For example, www.geocities.com or www.yahoo.com have had rave reviews from my students and from other teachers in regards to the ease of uploading and helpfulness of tutorials. I have not used these particular services, but if you have and would like to submit a review for your colleagues, I would be happy to post it!