World History

2nd Semester Project



Assignment #1 Model


Choose an object d'art or architecture from the 20th century and create a model of it. This model should be no less than 6 inches in length, width or height (216 inches3) or more than 12 inches in length, width or height (or 1728 inches3). Try to be as accurate in detail as possible.


You will also be required to make a short (5-10 minutes) presentation regarding the historical

importance of your model. Both an outline of your presentation and an annotated bibliography

will be required with at least 5 primary sources.


This is an individual project.


Your final project should include: a model, a final draft (typed) of your presentation &

information, and an annotated bibliography (typed) of at least 5 sources.



Assignment #2 Video


In a group of 3 - 5 students, work together to produce a video demonstrating gender roles in

a time period of your choice (This must be during the 20th century). Use any props available to you and/or other people (students who wish to help their classmates are encouraged to do so but must remember that they will not receive anything but goodwill if they are not approved members of the group). This video should be of educational value and well researched. It is up to you how the information should be conveyed in a play, a TV news special, or an A&E Biography.


On the due date, you should hand in a videotape of your performance, a typed script, and a

typed, annotated bibliography of at least 5 primary sources. The video should be 15-25

minutes long and will be shown to the class upon receipt.



Assignment #3 Web Site


Create a web site describing a specific person or event in history (1945 to the present) and why you feel that person or event is influential to modern history. This site must have at least 5 pages and 5 graphics/pictures. These pages must be original (not taken from other sites) & contain original material. Graphics must be documented.


You should also have a typed, annotated bibliography page or section of at least 5 primary sources (this section is not included in the page count).


You should check the following sites for downloadable software to make your web creation easier:

NB - while most of these sites have free software, you should check because some of them do cost money.


If you cannot upload your site, you will be required to present it to the class; otherwise, you should hand in or email the web site's URL.


Each project is worth 100 points. Plagiarists will receive a zero on their project as well as a






Please see Mrs. Fine with any questions on this project. If you wish at any time to change your topic, that is OK, but you must notify Mrs. Fine of your change and not expect any extra time to complete the project. Examples of projects from previous years will be posted on the class web site ( Project rubrics will also be available at that web site.


Good luck!