World History


2009-2010 Rules


Mrs. Fine


Welcome to World History!  This course is designed to challenge your cognitive skills and create a base for further social studies learning.  We will explore historical geography, social, political & economic trends and use of primary sources.  So put on your thinking caps and let’s have some fun!


General Rules:

1.      Respect.

  1. Always express your opinions.
  2. Always allow others to express their opinions.
  3. Students will be allowed to take bathroom or locker trips via the class pass, one at a time.  Students will hand in their electronics (phones, blackberries, ipods, etc.) in exchange for the class pass. Loss of this privilege may occur at any point that it is abused or the class pass is lost.
  4. Water bottles will be allowed in class to encourage appropriate hydration.
  5. Always sit in your assigned seat.

2.      Responsibility.

  1. Always ask questions when you do not understand an assignment.
  2. All work must be completed on time.  Late assignments will be deducted 50%.
  3. Students are expected to bring all required materials to each class.
  4. A student with an excused absence will be allowed to make up homework within a one-day school extension, regardless of block scheduling.

E. Always write your name on your work (no name = -5 points).

3.      Integrity.

  1. No cheating is allowed.  Anyone found guilty of academic dishonesty (talking or communicating during an exam, test or quiz, looking at another’s paper, using unauthorized notes, working past time allowed for an exam or test, plagiarizing another’s work in any form) will receive a deduction of points on the work in question and an informational referral to the appropriate Assistant Principal.  A student will receive a “FAIL” in the course if this behavior occurs a second time.
  2. Complete your own work!  You’ll learn more from it!

4.      Tardies and absences:

  1. Tardiness will not be tolerated.  More than two tardies per semester will result in a deduction of Participation & Attendance points (-1/2 point per tardy).  Per new school policy, excessive tardies will also result in parental contact, possible detention and demotion of conduct grades.
  2. Absence from class, whether excused or unexcused will result in a 1-point deduction from Participation & Attendance points for each absence.  Points can be made up through appropriate participation in class. Unexcused absences will result in deduction of your overall grade per our school policy (2 unexcused absences = 5% deduction from overall percentage and a student conference, 3 unexcused absences = 10% deduction from overall percentage and a mandatory parent contact, 4 unexcused absences = 20% deduction from overall percentage, 5 unexcused absences = 30% deduction from overall percentage)
  3. A student with an excused absence will be allowed to make up homework within a one-day school extension, regardless of block scheduling.





Materials For This Course:

1.      Modern World History: Patterns of Interaction textbook Binder

2.      Loose-leaf

3.      writing utensil (pen or pencil)

4.      email account

5.      School Network access (see Mrs. Kraushaar in the main office if you have not already filled out an Acceptable Use Policy and password request form)

6.      Classroom web site at

7.      McDougal Littell website for more practice & helpful hints:



Grades in World History are weighted.  Therefore, students and parents who wish to keep track of grades may check the MicroGrade web site ( starting three weeks after the beginning of the semester.  This will be updated approximately every five weeks.  If you do not have access to the Internet, I will print out a copy of your progress report via written request.  Students with a “D” or “F” will automatically receive a hard copy of their progress report.


                Participation & Attendance                     20%

                Homework & Class work                            30%

                Tests, Projects & Quizzes                         50%

                _______________________                          _____

                Total                                                                     100%


Quarterly Formula: (Participation)(.2) + (Homework)(.3) + (Tests)(.5) = Quarter Grade


I have provided the formula for those who wish to calculate their own grades.  For the semester grade, the two quarter grades are averaged with the semester exam, which counts for 15% of that grade.  I have found that by calculating grades in this way, students have the utmost chance of earning the grade they wish to.


Semester Formula: [(Q1 + Q2) / 2] (.85) + (Exam)(.15) = Semester Grade


Letter Grades:

Following is a listing of the letter grades and cut offs in this class.  These grades are not negotiable!!!!  Therefore, start working early in the semester, not in the last three weeks to avoid letter grade problems.

A = 89.5-100%

B = 79.5-89.4%

C = 69.5-79.4%

D = 59.5-69.4%

F = 0-59.4%


Participation & Attendance:

Much of your graded work will be accomplished in class through discussions.  Therefore, attendance is key toward a good participation grade.  Appropriate participation is defined as verbalizations aligned with the topic under discussion, whether it be a question or a comment.


Homework & Classwork:

All homework assignments, text notes, handouts, and class notes will be expected to be neatly kept in a binder, or section of a binder specifically for history.  It is recommended that you have two sections in your binder – one for permanent papers such as the rules and assignments sheet, and another for your current chapter’s work.  I would highly suggest keeping all of your work in a safe place at home so that you can review it for the semester final.  Homework will be spot checked so always complete it and have it ready in your binder!


Each student will receive a copy of the semester’s assignments on the first day of class.  Students who lose their assignments sheet can obtain another copy at the class web site  It is the student’s responsibility to know of and hand in homework when absent.


Homework may turned in via hard copy, email (to Mrs. Fine at, email attachment in Word ®, floppy disk, ZIP disk (100MB or 250 MB), CD-Rom, or fax (to Mrs. Fine’s attention, 310-286-7446).  Late work will be deducted 50% (it must be handed in by the week before grades are due. Students should check their calendars for the exact date).  Homework that is not turned in will receive an automatic  zero. 



Tests will occur after each unit, and in addition to the student’s copy of the semester’s assignments, will be announced one week prior to the test date. Be prepared for vocabulary terms, identification of people, events, places, and essays.  Study guides will be available online at the beginning of each chapter.   Students with excused absences will have their next test count double, or may make arrangements to make up the missed test within a week of returning from their absence.  Tests cannot be tripled or quadrupled – therefore, previous missed tests will be counted as zero.  Students with special needs should make arrangements before the exam dates.  Tests and projects will be kept in a classroom folder.  Parents and students will be able to view this work upon request.



Projects are an opportunity for students to further explore a desired area of history. A variety of projects will be assigned throughout the year including PowerPoint® presentations, reviews of historical movies, web pages, artistic models and group videos. These shall be assigned to students for completion in and out of the classroom.  As these projects will be announced ahead of time, students must hand in the projects on time, EVEN IF THEY ARE ABSENT & EXCUSED.  Failure to do so will result in a deduction of 10 points per day late.  Students with special needs should make arrangements before the due date!



Quizzes are unannounced and designed to test recall of homework and reading assignments.



Semester exams will cover all major topics studied during the semester.  Students should be prepared for short answer, multiple choice, matching and essays.  Exams will last 2 hours.  Students with special needs should make arrangements before the exam dates.  Exam dates are listed on the student’s semester assignments sheet.  Exams are worth 15% of the student’s semester grade.


Course of Study:

We will cover the major points in World History from the Greco-Roman period to the present day, as well as current events and geography.  Please remember that this is a survey course and covers a lot of ground quickly.  Students will have opportunities to study select periods in more depth.



There is a class web site at, which should answer most questions. Students and Parents are welcome to conduct conferences or ask questions by appointment during my preparation period 2, lunch, and after school. You may leave a message on my voice mail at 310-551-5100 extension 8212.  You may also email me at  I will return your call or email as soon as possible.


I look forward to a wonderful year!


A. Fine











Student and Parent or Guardian:


By signing this paper you are acknowledging that you understand the demands and responsibilities of this World History Course.  This sheet should be returned tomorrow and will be placed in the student’s work file folder.


I look forward to working with all of you this year!


A. Fine






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