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 As evidenced by a distinct lack of enthusiasm for writing essays and lack of effective writing skills, students will be embarking on a writing project in class.  Students will also be able to work on their proficiency with Microsoft Word, as the final product will be completed on that software, and handed in to the website www.turnitin.com.  Students will also learn to effectively peer-edit their comrades’ work and suggest clearer ways of communicating their message. Therefore, the bulk of this grade will be based on proficiency of skills, not just content.


Essay Question:


Analyze the historical accuracy of the movie Cry Freedom. In other words, are the characters and events consistent with what you have learned about Apartheid in South Africa?  How might this movie’s content relate to Black History Month?  Also, has this movie changed your views on tolerance and acceptance of other people’s differences throughout history?




February 7 – intro project & start movie

February 7-10 – finish movie & review notes

February 15 – working bibliography due

February 17 – outline, including thesis, due; review in class

February 22 – rough draft due; review in class

February 27 – Final draft plus bibliography due to turnitin.com


Grade Breakdown:


Movie Notes = 10 points

Bibliography = 10 points

Outline = 15 points

Rough draft = 25 points

Final draft = 30 points

Peer Editing = 10 points


Total = 100 points


Final Thoughts:


I know that each one of you will improve many of your learning skills through this project.  Some of you may find this project to be very challenging as much of it will be accomplished in class, and you have not had as much practice writing essays as I would like.  Therefore, keep persisting, and definitely don’t be afraid to ask me for extra help with this assignment.  Remember, it is the process and skills that I am looking as well as the content or “accuracy.”


All of the following Student Examples are in .pdf files, so please use Adobe Acrobat Reader to view them. 

Student Samples:

Student 1

Student 2

Student 3

Student 4

Student 5

Student 6

Student 7

Student 8

Student 9

Student 10

Cry Freedom Movie Cover
www.amazon.com/covers/B/00/ 000/5XW/B000005XWM.l.g
www.amazon.com/covers/B/00/ 000/5XW/B000005XWM.l

Set Me Free
Inspired by Cry Freedom 

Ropes surround me,
They bind me, they bound me.
Making me just a captured slave,
Just put me closer to my grave.
Making me serve them day and night,
Never making slavery any more light.
I sweat under the summer sun,
I never can have any fun.
During the winter I freeze half to death,
The only thing I see is my own breath.
In the spring I get spring fever,
But I have to work like a beaver.
Still I try to keep hope, just keep it a bit more,
Before I collapse upon the floor.
I know someone will come rescue me,
Someone will come and set me FREE.

By A.G.
February 19, 2003


Copyright 2003, Ann-Marie Fine. All Rights Reserved.
Last Updated, April 2003.