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Imperialism after World War I - Chapter 12
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This chapter will focus on Asia, and South America after World War I.  Because the scope is so broad, we will have a group assignment where students teach students!  There will not be any maps on this test (for 2007), but there will be 25 multiple choice questions and 1 essay. 
Other essay topics:
Remember that these are only topics, not actual questions!
  • revolt against Western dominance (how did countries do this, which ones were successful)
  • compare/contrast nationalist movements in various countries or in various regions of the world
  • compare/contrast nationalist leaders (how did they accomplish their goals, what common characteristics did they have)
  • what impact did WWI and/or WWII have in this chapter?
  • What role did democracy and/communism play in this chapter?
Extra Credit +15 on test:
Research, write and submit an essay on King Sejong of Korea by April 13.  Follow all of the guidelines at http://www.koreanhero.net/contest/flyer-finalwithgrayborder.pdf.  When you submit your essay to the contest, CC the submission to me.  Depending on your entry submission, you could receive up to 15 points on your chapter 12 test.  Let me know if you have any questions.

Chairman Mao Zedong

Mohandas Gandhi
www.asiaweek.com/.../features/ aoc/aoc.gandhi.html

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