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World War II covers Chapter 29-30.  Please refer to you updated calendar for assignment due dates (ch29 quiz is 4/3!).  Due to STAR Testing, 30.3b is due 4/24 & 30.4 is due 4/26.  Your test is now on May 1 and will consist of 25 multiple choice questions and 1 essay.
Possible essay topics are:
  • compare/contrast Hitler & FDR (refer to your notes from The Democrat and the Dictator for this topic)
  • compare/contrast the US efforts in the war against the Nazis and the war against the Japanese (refer to notes on Liberation and Victory in the Pacific)
  • discuss the issue of atrocities in WWII (may/may not include the Holocaust)
  • discuss the use of the atomic bomb in WWII against the Japanese
Study Guide - also review: Dictators, Winning the War in the Pacific, Japanese Americans wksts, homework & ch29 quiz.
Holocaust Internet Inquiry - This is the activity that we will be working on in class during STAR testing.  All site links are here, as well as a description of the assignment (if you lose it).

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