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Test is on March 9 & will contain 25 matching/multiple choice/ true-false questions & 1 essay. Essay topics cover:
  • isolationism
  • immigration
  • segregation policies
  • KKK
  • sporting & leisure activities
  • women's advances
  • economic policies in  1920s
Preview the study guide & make sure that you know all of the listed terms for the test.  You should also keep this study guide to review for the final exam.
Worksheets to be studied: timeline, automobile impact, Roaring '20s, Quiz ch25.
1920s Internet Inquiry - will be completed in the computer lab.  Students are to submit hard copies or digital ones to Mrs. Fine at the end of the class period by March 9.  You are only completing ONE Inquiry!!  This is worth 50 points in your Test & Project category.

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