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Chapters 27-28 - The Great Depression
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Test will be 25-30 MC and 1 essay.  Essay topics will include:
  • economic pracitices before and during Great Depression
  • social stratification during depression
  • presidents during depression

Review for test: New Deal Acts wkst, Chapter 27 Quiz, Study Guide, 27.1-3 & 28.2-3, SOcial Security Act wkst,

Extra Credit for test:  View the movie from Belle Chasse High School regarding the devestation there.  Write at least a one page paper detailing how you would feel if you had lost everything, and what you would miss most.  +5 points.

Extra Credit for your final exam: Plan a fundraiser (you can work together with other students for this part) and donate the proceeds to Belle Chasse High School by April 3.  Worth +15 points.

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CHAPTER 27/28 – The Great Depression & the New Deal


Stock market



October 24, 1929



Reconstruction Finance Corporation

Bonus Army

Social Security Act

Franklin D. Roosevelt

New Deal

Emergency Banking Act

Agricultural Adjustment Act

National Recovery Administration

Public Works Administration

Civilian Conservation Corps

Home Owners Loan Association

21st Amendment

Tennessee Valley Authority

Works Progress Administration

Securities Exchange Act

National Labor relations Act

Congress of Industrial Organizations (CIO)

Wages and Hours Law

Packing the Court

“stretch a dollar”

house-rent parties

“Do something”

view on unemployment and government aid



Dust Bowl

Rural Electrification Administration

Eleanor Roosevelt

“last hired, first fired”


Black Cabinet

Indian reorganization Act


Arts in Depression


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