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Following are your various assignment descriptions throughout the semester.  Please be advised that these may change at any point, so always check with your phone buddies!

History of language notes 8/25/2006


         Is Latin a living or dead language?

o       Discussion yes & no

         Written language is 3000-5000 years old

o       Sanskrit, Chinese & Egyptian are oldest examples

         Language tree image from The Early History of Indo-European Languages (http://us.geocities.com/gevor.geo/chronicle120.html, 8/15/2006)

         Because of proximity to Greece & Greek settlements in southern Italy, Latin alphabet develops

         Use of Latin as political language of Roman Republic/Empire influence over most European languages

         Mix of languages dialects which evolve into modern Romance languages

         Roman conquest of Briton approximately 80% modern language is Latin-based & many of the grammatical rules are similar


Extra Credit for 1st quiz: Create a flyer/brochure promoting Latin. (+5 first quiz). Due September 11.


Extra Credit for Fall final Exam: (+5)

Sign up for and pay $4 to take the National Latin Exam in the Spring.  Due Date is December 14.

Remember: you should be reviewing your vocabulary and grammar every night!
Don't forget about the Latina software from www.chariot.com & the online aids at www.phschool.com!

Ruins of the Forum
Ruins of the Forum
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You will now have a Verb Mastery Test on January 25.  This will preclude many of the verb questions on the final exam, allowing us to concentrate more on the other aspects of Latin grammar, translations and Roman culture.  Percentage weight will be determined per department policy.  This will be a 35 question, multiple choice test, and cover the entire period.  Check below for the verb conjugations, tenses & voices to be covered.
  • conjugations 1-4
  • present & imperfect tense
  • imperative voice
  • infinitives

Final Exam:

  • Is 20% of grade & will be on 1/30 at 8:20am.  Will contain 100 multiple choice questions. 
  • Review chapter, grammar & culture quizzes. Focus on storyline, vocabulary, grammar (1st & 2nd declension nouns, 3rd declension masculine & feminine nouns, present & imperfect tense verbs for all 4 conjugations, adjectives (function & how are they determined in a sentence), adverbs &conjunctions) & translation skills.  Culture notes from the text and derivitves will also be included.

Sample questions:

1.  An adjective has to agree in _____ with the noun it is modifying.

     a. number

     b. case   

     c. gender

     d. all of the above

     e. none of the above

2. According to the story in Ecce Romani I, Cornelia is the daughter of

     a. Marcus

     b. Cornelius

     c. Sextus

     d. Syrus

     e. Geta

3. Translate into English:  Nondum lucet sed servi et ancillae strenue laborat.

     a. The servants are already working hard.

     b. The slaves are already working, even thoguh it is not yet light.

     c. 'Tis a quarter to dawn and everyone is still asleep.

     d. It is not yet light but the slaves and slave-women are working hard.

4.  A bulla is childhood charm worn around the neck till adulthood.

     a. true

     b. false

5. Celerity, derived from the Latin adverb celer, means

     a. slowly

     b. calmly

     c. quickly

     d. excitedly

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