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Second Semester US students survey the Progressive Era, World War I, Roaring Twenties, Depression, World War II, Cold War and Civil Rights Eras (chapters 23-34).  Listed below are the assignments that students will complete over the semester.  Please let your instructor know of any broken links, and sk questions of you do not understand something!!!
Semester Assignments Calendar is here, and is subject to change at any point.  Remember that iti s a .pps file, so you will need either Microsoft PowerPoint on your computer, or the PowerPoint Viewer program on your computer (viewer is available from http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyID=d1649c22-b51f-4910-93fc-4cf2832d3342&DisplayLang=en).  If you still cannot read this file, please contact your instructor for a digital or hard copy that you can read.
Current Events - just like last semester, students will present 2 short, oral current events to enhance their own and the class' knowledge of current US policies on the environment, economics and politics.
Chapter 23-24 - Progressive Era & WW1
Chapter 25-26 - Roaring '20s
Chapters 27-28 - Great Depression

Cold War Web Quest links!  These do work!  Remember - this is worth 60 points in your test category and is due May 15!
Civil Rights Task Menu - this should be a fun activity with a good deal of choice.  This is worth 30 points in your test category. Due May 26.
Study Guide ch31-33:

CHAPTER 31 – US Government 1945-1960

GI Bill of Rights

Employment Act of 1946


Taft-Hartley Act

Closed shop

Atomic Energy Commission

National Security Act

22nd Amendment

Fair deal

Harry Truman

Social programs


Jim Crow Laws

National Housing Act of 1949


Joseph McCarthy

Dwight Eisenhower

Internal Security Act


Balanced budget

Sputnik I

National Defense Education Act

Space race


CHAPTER 32 – Cold War


Cold War


Berlin blockade

Berlin airlift


Truman Doctrine

Marshall Plan

free market economy

Warsaw Pact

Chiang Kai-shek


Korean War, 1950s

38th Parallel

General MacArthur


Vietnam War, 1958-1973

Eisenhower Doctrine

Cuban Missile Crisis


CHAPTER 33 – Civil Rights


March on Washington

John F. Kennedy

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

bus boycott

civil rights

nonviolent resistance

Civil Rights Act of 1964Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka

Freedom rides

Nonviolent resistance

Separate but equal

Malcolm X

Rosa Parks


Students will study American history from the birth of the nation up to the modern era.  This course is required for Juniors.

Semester Final:
Will be given on June 14 at 8am.  Will consist of 100 Multiple choice questions, and cover chapters 23-34.  This counts as 15% of your final semester grade.
Extra Credit (+10 on Semester Final):
Correct all of this past semester's tests & turn the corrections in to Mrs. Fine by the day of the test.  You may take notes on the tests and questions, but may NOT copy or take the tests home to study.

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